Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alfamega - I Apologize

Alfamega - I Apologize

This letter came with the song:
"This song, is an apology to anyone from age 8 to 80, that's affiliated with or in any gang, To every parent (mother or father) that has lost a child to gang violence, every sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, partner or whomever that has lost a loved one or a friend to gang violence either by death or prison. Even if I never met you or have known you personally, I want to apologize for being the root of the evil that is plaguing the youth of today, & I beg you for forgiveness the same way i would beg GOD to forgive me for every sin that i have committed, because i am 37 years old now, & i have finally become to realize by watching my own children that i wasn't teaching something positive i was only teaching negatively".

Sincerly yours,

P.S I would like to end by saying, "Violence Only Begots Violence"," Lets move to a more positive direction & I sincerly, hope that people understand me & what I am trying to say in this song. GOD BLESS US ALL".

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