Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jadakiss - Something Else (Ft. Young Jeezy)

Another Jada track? Damn! I'm not complaining though. Neither artist dissapoint.
The Last Kiss in stores April 7th!
Download: Something Else

Flo Rida - Ha (Ft. Brisco & 4Mill)

Bonus track off Flo Rida's album, R.O.O.T.S., which is out today! Features Brisco and 4Mill (whom I've never heard of).
Download: Ha

XV - A.D.D.

This is the guy that made the 40 Days, 40 Nights "mixtape" which was sick as hell. He's preparing his album. This song is pretty nice.
The Kid With The Green Backpack coming out this year!
Download: A.D.D.

Jadakiss - Grind Hard + One More

100th post!
and these are nice tracks to make the 100th post!

The Last Kiss is leaking! Two more tracks from the album. "Grind Hard" features Mary J. Blige & "One More" features Styles P.
The Last Kiss out on April 7th!
Download: Grind Hard + One More

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rick Ross - Usual Suspects (Ft. Nas & Kevin Cossom)

Officer Ricky! His album is gonna be sick as fuck. He brings Nas along for this joint and Nas rapes it! Kevin Cossom on the hook, never heard of him but he does a nice job.
Musicwise: Ross>50
Deeper Than Rap out on April 21st!
Download: Usual Suspects

Slim Thug - Perfect 10

Bonus track off Slim Thug's latest album, Boss Of All Bosses, which is out now. Go buy it!
Download: Perfect 10

Jadakiss - Cartel Gathering (Ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)

Jada links up with Raek and the Ghost for this track. All three murder it!
The Last Kiss out on April 7th!
Download: Cartel Gathering

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pitbull - Room Service + Bad Girls

Two new tracks from Mr. 305. I like "Room Service" more but both tracks are sick and will be on Fast & Furious 4 Soundtrack. "Bad Girls" features Robin Thicke.
Download: Room Service + Bad Girls

Papa Duck - Look At My Swag (Florida Boy) (Ft. Rick Ross/Ace Hood) [VIDEO + AUDIO]

Florida stand the fuck up! Pretty dope song from Papa Duck (wtf is up with that name). Video version features the Boss. Audio version features the Boss AND Ace Hood.
Download: Look At My Swag (Florida Boy)

Weezy Baby!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shitload of new Weezy! Rapping Wayne>Singing Wayne
Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Does What She Does
Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - With One Arm
Lil Wayne & T-Pain - He Rap, He Sang
Lil Wayne - Cut Like A Blender (Ft. Young Money)
Lil Wayne - If U Lookin' For Me (Ft. Young Money)
Lil Wayne - I'm Not Human *Sounds like something off Rebirth
Lil Wayne - It's Been A Week
Lil Wayne - I'm From The South
Lil Wayne - How Can Something

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana have a new mixtape named My Face Can't Be Felt.
Download: My Face Can't Be Felt (Mixtape)
Link taken from Tha Carter Cartel

Ginuwine - Open The Door (Ft. RL of Next)

New track from Ginuwine featuring RL of Next called "Open The Door". This song was originally called as Let Me In.
Download: Open The Door

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donnell Shawn - Is This What U Wanted + So Sincere

Two new tracks from Donnell Shawn called "Is This What U Wanted" and "So Sincere".
Download: Is This What U Wanted + So Sincere

Ne-Yo - To Be Continued

Damn, Ne-Yo's got a new track everyday. Here's one more added to his list of songs.
Download: To Be Continued

Taj Jackson - Spend The Night

Here's a new track from the talented Taj Jackson.
Download: Spend The Night

Jackie Boyz - Serious

Another track from the R&B artists known as Jackie Boyz. This one's called Serious.
Download: Serious

RL of Next - Outta My Life

New track from Next member RL. There's a girl singing with him, but I don't know who it is.
Download: Outta My Life

Young Steff - Baby Girl

R&B singer Young Steff has a new track called "Baby Girl".
Download: Baby Girl

Erick Right - Love You A Lot + The Way

Two bangin' tracks from the one and only Erick Right.
Download: Love You A Lot + The Way

Day 26 - Get Away Girl + Truth Is A Lie

Two more tracks off Day 26's upcoming album.
Forever In A Day out on April 17!
Download: Truth Is A Lie + Get Away Girl

Young Steff - Body's Crazy

Here's an R&B track from Young Steff called Body's Crazy. This one ain't a slow jam.
Download: Body’s Crazy

London - You Need

One more track from R&B singer London. The song's called "You Need".
Download: You Need

Omarion - Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay)

New track from Omarion. It's called "Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay)". You gotta listen to this song.
Download: Think My Girl Is (Ay Ay)

Joe - Number One Girl

Joe's back wit another track called Number One Girl. Check it out.
Download: Number One Girl

Lexington Bridge - Kick Back

A new track from the music group known as Lexington Bridge. Definitely gotta check them out.
Download: Kick Back

Qwote - In The Bed (Ft. T-Pain, Trina, Swazy Baby, & Ace Hood)

New track from R&B artist Qwote. "In The Bed" features T-pain, Trina, Swazy Baby & Ace Hood.
Download: In The Bed

Rock City - Hurt

Here's an R&B track from Rock City called "Hurt". Check it out.
Download: Hurt

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yung Joc - Down Low (Ft. T-Pain & AK)

T-Pain sampled on the hook of Joc's new track. AK has a verse.
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood coming soon!
Download: Down Low

Young Buck - MediaTakeout

New song from former G-Unit member.
Download: MediaTakeout

Git Fresh - Crazy Kind Of Love

New track from the R&B group Git Fresh.
Download: Crazy Kind Of Love

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yung L.A. - Future Love (Elroy) (Ft. Ricco Barrino)

Grand Hustle! Yung L.A. has a new track with Ricco Barrino on the hook. Pretty nice R&B flow.
Download: Future Love (Elroy)

Maino - All The Above (Ft. T-Pain) [VIDEO + AUDIO]

Video for Maino's track "All The Above" with the Ringleader. This song is incredible.
Debut album If Tomorrow Comes... coming soon!
Download: All The Above

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Q-Tip - We Fight, We Love (Remix) (Ft. Kanye West & Consequence)

Original song featured Raphael Saadiq. Remix is pretty sick; Kanye & Cons rip it!
Q-Tip's The Renaissance is already out, go cop it!
Download: We Fight, We Love (Remix)

Big Kuntry King - I Do (Ft. T.I. & Young Dro)

New joint from Big Kuntry. Tip & Dro on the feature. Good luck to T.I. who will be going to prison soon.
Download: I Do

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Charles Hamilton - Third Letter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
New track from Charles Hamilton. Can't wait til this dude releases an album. Nice concept on the song.
Download: Third Letter

Day 26 - Reminds Me Of You

Another track from Day 26's upcoming album.
Forever In A Day out on April 17th!
Download: Reminds Me Of You

Masspike Miles - What Is Ur Name (Ft. T-Pain)

Here's an R&B track from Masspike Miles. The song features T-Pain. "What Is Ur Name" is definitely gonna be a top track.
Download: What Is Ur Name

Lil One - Gimme Some More (Ft. Casely)

Casely gets featured on Lil One's track known as "Gimme Some More". Listen to the two. Couldn't find a picture of dude.
Downlaod: Gimme Some More

Lee Wilson - I Choose You

Lee Wilson has a new track called "I Choose You". You gotta be feelin' this one.
Download: I Choose You

Chrishan - Impossible + Red Jeans

Two new tracks from R&B singer Chrishan. Check em out.
Download: Impossible + Red Jeans

Travis (of NLT) - Dead And Gone

NLT member Travis makes his version to T.I.'s and Timberlake's "Dead And Gone" track. Not bad.
Download: Dead And Gone

Jackie Boyz - Matches

New R&B track from Jackie Boyz. Check it out.
Download: Matches

Git Fresh - Swag Up (Ft. Rick Ross & Jamie Foxx)

This song is hype as hell! Git Fresh is a group from Florida formerly known as Deep Side. They hook up with the Boss & Foxx for this track. I'm loving this beat.
Download: Swag Up

Yung Joc - Where Da Hoes (Ft. Lil Jon)

Yung Joc links up with Mr. Crunk for this new song. Joc's preparing his album Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
Download: Where Da Hoes

Juelz Santana - Shake Your Ass

I'm more of a tits guy but also enjoy the ass. Juelz is coming back! :no homo:
Download: Shake Your Ass

Lee Carr - Cameras Don't Lie

Lee Carr is back wit a new track called "Cameras Don't Lie".
Download: Cameras Don’t Lie

Taj Jackson - Beautiful To Me

New track from R&B artist Taj Jackson.
Download: Beautiful To Me

Ne-Yo - Bite You

Ne-Yo is on a roll wit new tracks. Here's another one from the R&B artist.
Download: Bite You

Monday, March 23, 2009

Young Money - Every Girl [VIDEO + AUDIO]

Performance of Young Money's song "Every Girl". Pretty sick song. MP3 has Mack Maine, performance doesn't.
Download: Every Girl

Day 26 - Lemme Luv You Girl

This is the full version to Lemme Luv You Girl. It was said a couple weeks ago that this track featured Babyface, but it doesn't. Either way this song is hot. I'm not sure if it's gonna be on their second album though.
Download: Lemme Luv You Girl

Young Steff - Baby Stay With Me

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Young Steff has a new song called Baby Stay With Me. It's old fashion R&B style.
Download: Baby Stay With Me

Asher Roth - I Love College (Ft. Jim Jones) [VIDEO + AUDIO]

Video of Asher Roth performing "I Love College" at Spring Break 09 in Panama City. He brings out Jim Jones. Pretty sick performance. Tell me Florida beaches aren't the shit?
Download: I Love College

Ludacris & Shawnna - Everybody Drunk As Fuck

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
These two are prepping a collabo album. This is the first taste from it.
Shawnna's legs looking nice lol
Battle Of The Sexes out this summer!
Download: Everybody Drunk As Fuck

Pimp C - Let's Talk Money (Ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This song came out a couple days ago, but i forgot to post it. Song is pretty sick. Both the Pimp and Wayne rip it. T-Pain sample on the chorus. RIP Pimp C!
Download: Let's Talk Money

London - Nobody

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
R&B artist London has a smooth track called Nobody. Take a listen.
Download: Nobody

Jyant - Do You Wanna Ride (Ft. Ryan Leslie)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The famous R&B singer of Metro City has a new track called Do You Wanna Ride. This song features Ryan Leslie. Check it out.
Download: Do You Wanna Ride